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August 23, 2007



I discovered your post at the perfect time, after spewing an unintentional testimony to my Wednesday night group. I needed to be reminded of this, and I thank you, Jeff, and You, God, for teeing it up just in time.

Phil Matous

I had issues years ago with that 'valley' issue. I'd hear people say and occasionally say it myself, "I feel like I'm in a valley. I'm away from God and can't connect with Him."
Then I ran across that incident, in Chronicles I think, about Hezekiah. Hezekiah showed the wealth of his treasury to some foreign ambassadors. Then the King James says, "The Lord left him to see what he would do." And it hit me, that we are not in a valley when the Lord leaves us. We are simply on the play field by ourselves and the Lord is on the sidelines as a coach is during a game, watching me and waiting to see if I do what he taught me during practice to do , when He was with me on the field. He hasn't left the field. He hasn't abandoned me. He's just on the side line, allowing me to work for his glory as he taught me to work for him.
So when staring down Satan on the other side of the line of scrimmage, listening to him rant how he will tackle me, knock me down with old memories and faults, I just keep in mind what the Coach told me and know that he cares for me as he watches me from the sideline. He prepared me for this game to win it.

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