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July 06, 2007


Cheryl Hague

OK, Jeff -- not sure what made me decide to try to find you on the Internet as I haven't seen you since that comedy club in Tinley Park with Sandy in Feb. of 1994. I also have no idea how I remember that?? Anyway, I was both surprised and delighted to see how well everything is going for you!

As I was reading my way through your site, it reminded me of Mrs. Martin's Sophomore English class at Bloom -- the Speech unit to be exact. I remember spending days preparing my speech on how a private pilot prepares for a cross country flight. Nerd that I am, I had every detail well-researched, and I had practiced until I knew I could deliver the speech with both knowledge and a good degree of interest. Yeah - it went well, and I got my A. Then you -- the guy who slumped down in his chair and did everything possible to avoid being called up, finally had no choice but to go. It was obvious from your opening line that you had NOT prepared a speech! What came next was one of the funniest impromptu "routines" I have ever seen, lol. I remember you gazing out the window and then making up something about clouds and shapes -- that transitioned into some very funny stuff about clowns. By the time you were finished, the entire class was laughing hysterically. I don't think Mrs. Martin was too impressed, but I think everyone in that Sophomore English class knew at that moment that if anyone from the south suburbs of Chicago had a shot at making it, it was you :)

Congrats, and many, many good wishes for your continued success!

Cheryl Hague (Haig)

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