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May 30, 2007


Janet & Paul Vaughan

We discovered you on XM 151 and you have traveled with us many a mile. We only regret that we have not seen you personally but have to content ourselves with the short clips on XM radio. We love your clean, wholesome and to the point comedy (and can relate in many instances) and when you appear on XM one or the other of us will say, "Shhh - its Jeff." WE are moving in a month to the Johnson City, TN area and perhaps, just perhaps, the powers to be will have you appear in the tri-city area and we can get a glimpse of your act first-hand. Keep 'em smiling and as Red Skelton would say, God bless."


Hey Mr. Allen,
I have been a long time fan since I saw a video of your "Happy Wife, Happy Life" Saw you tonight on Comics Unleashed. You were funny! I especially liked how you maintained your integrity. Everyone could tell you were a Christian by the way you acted!! Good job!

Paul Stanton

Hey Jeff,

Look at the calendar…. It’s time for you to sit down at the keyboard and write something witty, funny and inspiring. (Hmm… that would be a good name for a Law Firm!)

Please do not use the excuse that you’ve been “busy”. We all know that you only work four hours a week, repeating the same jokes over and over! (OK, so why change a winner?)

I understand that the hardest part of your “work week” is opening the envelopes with the roality checks from the Gaithers! I hate those paper cuts!

By the way, I hold you responsible for my recent weight gain. Ever since my wife bought your latest DVD she seems to want to continually sit in front of the TV at night re-watching the thing, rather than coming to bed.

So there I sit, alone…. Eating brownies!

So please, write something soon, even it’s only to apologize for something you recently said about Baptists!

Paul Stanton
Plymouth, MI

Russ and Debbie

We want to say thank you! We had the honor of meeting you at Family Fest. We really appreciate your testimony. It encourages us that God can see us through ALL the difficult times. Keep on keeping on for the Lord.

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