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January 19, 2007


Kyle (in Ohio)

I need to let you know a little story about your DVD.

A year ago I visited a friend who had been to a Gordon Food Service sponsored event where Jeff had performed. He brought back with him a copy of “Happy Wife – Happy Life”. We watched it last New Years and later that year I purchased a copy for myself.

I come from a devout Catholic Family and was saved right after high school through Young Life. Forever I have been the black sheep in the family.

As my 6 brothers and sisters have all reached that age of 40-50 they have begun to ask, like Jeff… “What’s it all about… WHAT’S THE PURPOSE?”. This Thanksgiving as we all gathered together (40+) I decided to bring my Happy Wife DVD with me. My hope was to pop it in between football games and folks would be laughing before they realized they weren’t watching a commercial. It worked. We listened to your routine but they haven’t heard your testimony side.

They loved your comedy. They all want a copy of your DVD… ( o.k. really they all expect me to make an illegal copy but yes the want a copy). My goal is to give each family a copy of your DVD for Christmas knowing they will take the time to listen to your testimony in their homes.

Can I buy 8 copies of your DVD at a discount? If so please direct me to a place or email that I can do that at.

Les Nederveld - Granite Bay, CA

Jeff- Love CD Happy Wife Happy Life - just ordered four for gifts. Thanks for producing. My only regret is you omitted the "toilet seat up/down" discussion which is on former CD and hilariously funny.

D Rudy - Springfield, Ohio

Saw your show in Columbus for Gordon Food Service. Absolutely hilarious. My wife and I were fortunate to get a copy of "Happy Wife, Happy Life" DVD as a gift. Brought it home and watched it twice with the kids. Thanks for "clean" funny. Doesn't get any better.

Susan Hawkins - Unity Christian Center

I listened to your clips online. You are very funny!! Hilarious even!! I have been looking for local talent to do a 15-20 min stand up at our annual sweetheart ball. I have had no success. If you have any contacts in OKC with up and coming clean comics I would like to know. We are a small church just trying to invest in Marriages, by having an special evening out for married couples. I know God has given you much success and I pray your ministry will grow even more. Thanks for listening to his voice and bringing good clean comedy to the world.

Bryan Katchay - Bethany College

I have enjoyed your performances since 1989 when I booked you through the UMR-NACA conference via the Joey Edmonds Agency to perform at Grand View College in Des Moines, Iowa. It was a pleasure then and continues to this day. Best wishes for a successful new year.

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